A path of connection and manifestation of the spirit through painting and the understanding of the Mischtechnik painting approach with Ainhoa ​​Neith.

Mischtechnik, besides being a powerful technique, it is a fantastic way to learn the technique of glazing, to be able to create depth and light in the painting.

17 MAY AT 17:00 – 23 MAY AT 02:00 UTC+10

Visionary Art Retreat

Via Montebello, 40121 Bologna BO, Italia


-fernandfcosta@gmail.com (organizer)
-ainhoa.neith@gmail.coim (insegnante/artista)

Learning objectives

Historical overview of Mischtechnik, understanding of contemporary technique, the fundamental principles of technique and brushstroke, means involved in the method.

We will learn to prepare the composition of the tempera (gouache) according to the old masters recipe and a creative exploration for the approach and composition of our own paintings.
To facilitate the process, upon registration, you will receive a preparation study with explanatory and guidance documents to prepare and motivate yourself before the course.

General program

(Please note this may alter slightly with duration and location of course)


Presentation of the artist, Introduction and understanding of the Visionary and Symbolic Art with presentation of the course, study of light. First exercise of optical griseille. 


Introduction and study of the sequence by Mischtechnik, composition of the work, tracing, fixing and imprimatura. Demonstration of the composition of the medium of tempera grassa, work of the lights with optical grey.


Overview of the different currents of the Visionary Art, first glazing and processing of optical grey by working on the depth and perception of lights and temperatures.


Presentation of colours and oil pigments, and lacquered colours, second glaze, and local glazes, work of whites and localised colours.

Finalisation of the course, guide to each student with personal consultation on how to continue working after the course.

Requirements necessary for the course will be provided at the time of registration along with the preparation instruction documents and all information relating to the course. Students will have access to a range of readings and studies to deepen knowledge and understanding of different topics which will help stimulate creative preparation.

During the retreat, vegetarian and vegan meals will be served, if you have specific dietary needs, please inform the organizer.

Registration and pre-booking

The total cost of the collection is 450 Euros the contribution includes the entire course and includes materials, food and accommodation in a mixed room for the duration of 5 days. It is also possible to stay overnight in a tent.

To register, you must pay a deposit of 150 Euros, both to take advantage of the discount and to reserve your seat.
The balance will be paid directly in cash on the day of arrival.
The number of participants is limited to 7 people.